Chris Littlefield - Rope Horse Trainer
About his training program

Chris professionally trains horses to compete and win in roping, cutting, and
cow horse events. Chris’ versatility and common sense about horses are
what makes him a unique trainer. The common sense comes from his
cowboy background and a lifelong experience of making good horses that
excel inside and outside the arena.

Versatility is the cornerstone of his training program. Chris trains horses that
aren’t specialized for one event, but coaches them in a way that they can be
versatile performers in various types of competitions. A cowboy once told
him, “A real cowboy should be able to do it all: ride, rope, shoe horses, train
horses, work cattle, and fix fence.”  Chris feels the same way about a good
horse: they should have well-developed foundation skills that make them a
great horse no matter what the task at hand.

He has a very unique ability to bring out the horses' best qualities in a way
that is motivating and rewarding to the horse. His integrity and self-discipline
translate into training ethics that evoke respect and whole-hearted
performance from his horses.

If you are looking for a successful trainer for your prospect or next futurity
champion, Chris can help you achieve your goals.

If you are interested in developing or improving your breeding program, Chris
can help you optimize this process by helping you choose the right breeding
mate for your horse to create a foal that meets the goal of your program.

Call him today for a consultation: 940-232-1804.
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